5 Home Business Ideas When Corona Covid-19 Virus Pandemic

The corona virus pandemic, which causes Covid-19 pain, has caused many businesses to close down, some have gone out of business and a home-based business can be a solution.

A home -based business can be one of the solutions during the Corona Covid-19 virus pandemic, especially for those of you who have been laid off or even victims of layoffs.

In addition to capital that can be started from numbers that are not too large, business that can be done flexibly and not bound by many rules is considered safer because most activities are carried out in one place.

To start a home-based business, we must maximize our talents and interests in making a work so that other people can enjoy it, see trends that are on the rise, have broad connections such as friends to relatives, learn a lot and are not easily satisfied.

Here are 5 home business ideas in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic as Suara.com quoted from the POST business application press release.

1. Frozen Food
The frozen food business is currently being popularly cultivated by the public, because it is easy to run this home-based business and can reap fantastic benefits.

In modern times like today, fast food like frozen food has become anyone's favorite. Frozen food is also widely chosen by mothers as lunch ideas for their children, because it is fast and easy to cook.

The popularity of frozen food can be used as a promising business opportunity. This business will be very suitable for all people, because this business can easily be run at home and does not take much effort.

2. Drinks
When everyone is at home, consumption of home-based culinary products for family size increases.

This is used by home-based business drinks such as coffee drinks, bubble tea and juice to make literal beverage products that can be enjoyed at home with family.

3. Side Dishes Ready to Eat
The cooking process that requires time and patience makes people think twice about doing it when they don't have much free time.

Side dishes ready to eat at this time can indeed be the choice of home-based business people, it can even be said that a home-based business like this has never dried up buyers.

In addition, the Indonesian people's passion for something instant is another reason why this business has very promising business prospects.

4. Snacks and light snacks
The snack & snack business is dry at the moment has begun to be crowded looking for buyers, even a home-based business like this is never dry buyers.

This is certainly inseparable from the dry snack trend that is currently still endemic in Indonesia, other than that Indonesian people's passion for something instant is another reason why this home-based business has very promising prospects

5. Dessert
The dessert home business has always been an interesting idea and it will never be wrong to be one of the business ideas during this pandemic because there are quite a lot of enthusiasts from dessert.

Besides dessert variants such as Dalgona Milk Coffee and milk ice cream with biscuits are also stealing the attention or classic pudding with modification is also still popular.

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