Get To Know The Kinds of Property Ousiness Products

So far, for some people, property is only in the form of housing or other physical buildings. However, in fact there are many other property products when viewed from their benefits.

What are the forms of the property product? The following is the explanation as reported on the Asriman page 

  • Residential
    Residential is a building that is used as a place to live or occupy. Buildings that are included in this residential type are houses or housing, flats, apartments, student / student dormitory buildings, condominiums and villas.
  • Commercial buildings or places of business
    Commercial buildings are buildings that are used for commercial or business purposes. These commercial buildings include office buildings, shopping centers, service buildings and professional centers such as hospitals, hotels, motels, condotels and superblocks or building complexes that are used for commercial and residential use.
  • Industrial buildings and research-development
    buildings Buildings for industrial purposes are like factory buildings or manufacturing, assembling or assembling. Buildings for research and development also have a different character from other buildings. 
  • Buildings for Agricultural, Plantation, Animal Husbandry, etc. A
    building like this has special characteristics such as if the building is used for plantation purposes, the building is built in a location that can support plantation business activities. Likewise, buildings for wood processing and warehousing purposes have a large space as a place for activities in them.
  • Property for special purposes 
    Property business like this is used to meet the needs of a specific community, such as places of worship, schools, airports, entertainment venues, cinemas, bus terminals, train stations, golf courses, meeting rooms, zoos and others. -other. This property has a special design according to their needs.

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