10 Best Android MMORPG Games 2019

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or better known as MMORPG is a game that puts forward the main asepek of exploration, interaction, and customization that will run in realtime, so the interaction that occurs is between players and players from various parts of the world. As for the mandatory elements contained in this game are clans, gulid system, PVP, and social interaction via chat. But with our busy life, we sometimes don"t have the chance to play these MMORPG genre games, because this time Gamebrott will love you 8 of the best Android MMORPG games for "lazy" gamers. What is meant by lazy here is because the games below will have autoplay mode or a unique system so that for those of you who are busy in the real world, you can still play the following games even if you only have one finger.

1. FlyFF Legacy
The game which stands for Fly For Fun presents a fantasy world that is supported by 3D graphics in the anime style. Previously, the game itself released a game released on PC and was presented again by the developer Entermate on iOS and Android. This game provides three classes that you can choose consisting of Mercenary, Acrobat, and Magician. Interestingly, an identical game with a flying broom has an exciting story in every quest you run. For the "lazy" feature itself Fly For Fun itself only provides auto finding quests, so it is enough to help find a quest in the super wide Madrigal folder in this game.

2. Crusaders of Light
If you are looking for a mobile game that has a look similar to the World of Warcraft game is the right choice. Crusader of Light itself is a game developed by NetEase and released for the Andorid platform. This game itself has a total quest of more than 300 hours of gameplay, and will provide mandatory features typical of MMORPG games namely Gulids, PVP and exploration. For the graphics itself, it seems like the Crusaders of Light itself will not disappoint, because it will have a stunning display for the size of a mobile diplomatic game. The main feature of this game is the PVP feature where you can play 40vs40 with other players in real time through Guardian Canyon mode. For the autoplay itself, this game only provides auto quests, where you can sit down and sambal waiting for your character to find the NPC or the location of the quest you took. No need to waste brott energy.

3. Dragon Nest M
Similar to the Ragnarok game which is a classic MMORPG game that once enlivened the gamenet-gamenet in Indonesia, Dragon Nest also has a mobile version for the game. The mobile version of Dragon Nest itself was developed by Shanda Games where the developer has released many quality games from Andorid like Dragon Ball Online, Tales Runer and Suuden Attack. This game itself still maintains character design with a chibi model where you can choose 6 classes consisting of Academic, Assassin, Cleric, Archer, Warrior, and Sorceress. The main value of this game is that the developer provides so many daily quests and events, so that your character"s progress can increase rapidly. As for the "lazy" or autoplay feature, Dragon Nest M provides an auto quest system and auto attack, so you won"t run out of energy because you can just play this one game with just one finger.

4. Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings
Get excellent reviews on Google Play and the AppStore game developed by GTarcade and Youzu Interactive to become one of the MMORPG genre games that you must play. This is because besides having an interesting story and supported by gameplay and beautiful graphics display. There are 3 job classes that you can choose in the Legacy of Discord, including Plug-in, Bladedance, and Sorceress. Another plus value of this game is the visualization of the skills of each hero visualized very satisfactorily, so you forget if you are playing the game on your smartphone screen. Autoplay in this game itself is actually almost the same as other MMORPG games because it only provides auto battle, but because there are some bugs (or because of the goodness of the developer ^ - ^) when activating the auto battle mode even though you are out, your character can still launch skills even though you run out though. Even though this is a bug, you can save your expenses on buying potions.

5. A Valiant Story
Next, there are games developed by Gameview which are released in IOS and Andorid, namely A Valiant Story. This game itself is a 3D MMORPG game with beautiful art display. Like other MMORPG games, this game offers the freedom for the players to explore and determine their own playing style. Besides that there is also a system of marriage system that allows you to marry other players of different gender, which will provide many benefits such as exclusive costumes and exclusive dungeons. The main reason this game is highly recommended for lazy gamers is because, even if you are not in auto mode, just pressing the attack button your character will automatically search for the nearest enemy. Whereas in auto mode your character will move while attacking with various skills you have. Very suitable for you who are lazy.

6. RO: Idle Poring
If mentioning the name Ragnarok certainly has its own place in the hearts of gamers, especially MMORPG game lovers in Indonesia. Trying to repeat the success of the Ragnarok game in the 2000s, finally the developer released the RO game: Idle Poring which was released for the IOS and Andoird platforms. When playing the RO game: Idle Poring itself you will immediately be brought to nostalgia because from the soundtrack to the map design, class, pet, until the system offered will remind you of the classic Ragnarok game. Although it still retains the existing system in the classic Ragnarok game, this game is still packed in the present, which graphically has a beautiful appearance and offers a new feature called Pet Exploration. This game itself is very suitable for those of you who have limited time due to your busyness or laziness, because the level of characters in the RO game: Idle Poring itself offers a system called a non-stop level up system, which when you sleep even if the character level you use it will still go up. For the battle system itself you also do not need to bother, because your character will move and attack automatically.

7. Lineage 2 Revolution
Lineage 2 Revolution itself will present a high-quality graphic display because it is supported with Unreal Engine 4 and will have a large-scale Open Wolrd system. Like other MMORPG genre games, this game will offer a vast world to explore, interact with hundreds of NPCs, and take various quests to increase your character"s level. There are 4 races that you can choose in this game, which consist of human, elf, dark elf, and dwarf. What makes this game NetMarble suitable to be played by those who are "lazy" because almost all the features in this game either story quest, side quest, daily quest, even dungeons you can complete just by pressing the quest then your character moves auto to complete the quest.

8. SAO Integral Factor
SAO Intergral Factor itself is suitable to be played by you who are "lazy" because this one game offers an auto finding quest system, where you only need to press the quest tab then your character will move automatically towards the quest located. But for the battle itself is still running in realtime so you still need to press a few buttons to complete the quest you took. In terms of the story this game will have an original story and will set the story for the first season of the anime series. Here you will act as a Beta Tester who will be accompanied by your colleague named Koharu, who is trapped in the SAO game, where you have to complete 100 floors of Aincrad, to get out of this game. Although in terms of the story of this game using original stories, you can still meet the main characters from SAO, such as, Kirito, Asuna, and Silica. In terms of graphics this game will display an attractive 3D display.

9. Black Desert Mobile
Of course, you are already familiar with the ninth game, the game that is from Pearl Abyss, besides being available on PC, you can also play on the IOS and Andorid platforms (although the global version is not released too). In this game you can choose characters consisting of various job classes, including, Warrior, Ranger, Valkyrie, Witch, and Giant, and there will be three regions that you can explore, namely Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon. In the battle system of this game will be based on combos and movements that will make you chuckle in awe, because it is supported by effects and appearance that spoil the eyes. Like other MMORPG games, this game will present various types of challenging quests. Every quest that you succeed in will give you EXP points and various rare items or weapons. Actually the auto system in the Black Desert version of the Mobile version itself is still human, because it only provides an auto attack. But who would want to play quality using just one finger hehehe ~

10. Durango Wild Lands
The game that was worked on for 5 and a half years has attracted the attention of players spread across 152 countries, and has downloads of 2,800,000 in the open beta version. Nexon hopes that with this achievement, Durango: Wild Lands can last up to 10 years. As a mobile game with the MMORPG sandbox genre, this game has many possibilities that can entertain the players. Features such as dinosaur hunting, learning various kinds of skills, to the expansion between clans, are expected to be able to connect players from all over the world through a game. Interestingly, although this game does not provide an autoplay system like the other games in this list, Durango is a suitable game for "lazy" gamers because in this game you really can"t play individually so you have to depend on your clan members. With so many Job Classes you only need to focus on the job you choose. For example, if you take a Job Bulider, you only need to sit down and let your clan member make it for you.

Of course, the lazy person himself is because these games support autoplay or offer a unique system like Durango, where you can depend on your clan members to prepare the items you want. So, there"s no reason to share not playing the game because it"s busy? Live MMORPG autoplay !!!!

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