10 List of the Best and Most Favorite Lawyers in Indonesia
Lawyers are also referred to as advocates or Attorney, and a lawyer is very much needed as a legal protection if you have a problem.

The Best and Most Favorite Lawyers in Indonesia
In Indonesia, there are a lot of lawyers who are reliable in their potential. Want to find out more, 10 lists of favorite lawyers in Indonesia and their profiles:

1. Adnan Buyung Nasution (Alm)
Adnan Buyung Nasution is a lawyer who is reliable in the field of law, it is not surprising that this man born in Jakarta on July 20, 1934 was appointed as an advocate who was very much in demand by the upper class as their main legal counsel to deal with various problems.

He graduated from UI, then international law from the University of Melbourne in Australia, and completed his final studies as a doctorate at the University of Utrecht Utrecht.

Based on the various study experiences, Adnan now has his position and expertise as: prosecutor, chairman of the MPRS / DPRS, chairman of the LBH board, etc.

2. Otto Cornelis Kaligis
In addition to Adnan BN, Otto Cornelis Kaligis, or commonly known as OC Kaligis, was also appointed by the community as one of the best lawyers in his field. Born from Makassar on June 19, 1942.

Having an education history from the law school of Parahyangan University, Bandung, then education in inheritance skills at UI, then law studies at the Rheinish University Westfalische Technische Hochschule Germany.

And finally graduated with a doctoral position at the Padjadjaran Law Faculty in Bandung. Based on his experience, OC Kaligis now has several positions and expertise in the field of law, namely: as a member of the Indonesian Advocates Association, members of Mondiale de la Presse Diplomatique, etc. OC Kaligis is also referred to as an Indonesian Advocate Teacher.

3. Todung Mulya Lubis
The man born on July 4, 1949 from the Muara Botung South Tapanuli, is also known as a favorite lawyer who can count on.

Has an education history from the Faculty of Law UI, then became a Master of Law from the University of California at Berkeley USA, to become a Doctor of Jurdicial Science USA.

Beliaiu has expertise and a lot of experience in the field of law, namely: as a member of IKADIN, as a leading business advocate in resolving various disputes, the HKHPM Association, and as a law lecturer in several Indonesian Law Universities.

4. Hotman Paris Hutapea
The birth of Laguboti on October 20, 1959, has a recent history of education as a Doctor of Law Science from the Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran Bandung.

Because of his various experiences in his field, he was attracted by many people to become a reliable Advocate of choice.

Where his experience as Founder of Hotman Paris Hutapea and Partners made him dubbed the "King of Bankruptcy" and as a lawyer for Indonesian celebrities.

5. Abdul Hakim Garuda Nusantara

Born in Pekalongan on December 12, 1954, he has a history of education that is memupuni to be your chosen lawyer, namely as a graduate of the Master of Law, University of Washington USA.

Having various organizational activities, namely: as director of LBH Jakarta, chairman of the International NGO Forum in Indonesian Development, as chairman of the LBH Indonesia foundation, as the deputy team for drafting the Bill on Human Rights, Truth and Reconciliation Courts, as well as members of the Rehabilitation Bill for Hazardous Situation team. Abdul Hakim GN was also dubbed the "Human Rights Defender".

6. Hotma Sitompul
Has the full name of Hotma P.D. sitompul, S.H., M.Hum. He is one of the advocates who is quite difficult to find regarding his profile.

However, he was appointed by the community as a favorite advocate in the field. He is the founder and co-founder of the Mawar Saroon Legal Aid Institute in Jakarta.

7. Juniver Girsang
He has an education from the Faculty of Law, University of Krisnadwipayana, then graduated from the Master of Law Studies from Padjadjaran University, Bandung, and ended up completing his Doctoral S3 studies at Padjadjaran University in Bandung.

Having work experience as Founder of Juniver Girsang and Partner from 2000 to the present, and his experience in the field of organization namely: as vice chairman of DPC AAI Jakarta, general chairman of IKA PERMAHI, and as deputy chairman of the DPP AAI.

8. Elza Syarief
This woman born in Jakarta on July 24, 1957 is one of the women advocates who is favored by the Indonesian people as a reliable lawyer in their field.

Has a recent history of education as a Doctor Program, majoring in Civil Law at Padjadjaran University Bandung in 2009.

9. Luhut Manihot Parulian Pangaribuan
Born in Balige North Sumatra on May 24, 1956. Has a recent education history as a Doctor of Law Science at the University of Indonesia.


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