Is DJI Inspire 2 the Best FPV Drone for Videography

Of course drones are no longer a foreign topic to you, given the drone is a contemporary recording tool. Even today, many people hunt for affordable drones to meet their individual needs (ranging from playing games, traveling, to real projects). But if videographers and aerial photographers are asked, then that is not the essence. What they are hunting is a drone that is able to give the best results. Which maximizes their creativity as a director. And what embodies something that has never been possible has become possible.

"So, what's the best drone?"

Luckily, some time ago it seemed like we agreed with one answer: DJI Inspire 2.

DJI Inspire 2 exists to answer the needs of videographers and videography enthusiasts of super-prime quality in conducting videography activities. With an expensive price, which is about $3000 (and even then not with a camera) or about 3 to 7 times the price of the DJI series which is also famous among drone hunters (DJI Phantom, ed.), It can be said that this latest DJI drone series is capable provides almost all the best features for videography .

On the one hand, the price of an expensive drone with the best facilities for videography is an investment that will not hurt. On the other hand, perhaps there is also the videographer who did not receive about why DJI Inspire 2 as a series of drone newest entry is so expensive compared drone - drone others.

Therefore, this article will present various possible reasons as to why and what makes DJI Inspire 2 an expensive drone. So as not to be curious, here are the things that I think can make DJI Inspire 2 expensive:

1. Video Transmission System

The video transmission system from DJI Inspire 2 is a feature included in the latest DJI update. With the video transmission system , DJI Inspire 2 can deposit information images contained in the video (transmitting, ed.) Up to 7 km if there are no obstructions or interference. This distance is farther than the drone - drone others who, according to what I have observed, can only take up to 5 km.

The existence of a video transmission system also helps DJI Inspire 2 pilots in setting their own controls and video stability by changing the frequency. Do not forget, this system is also equipped with a small camera for FPV, where this camera is also the latest breakthrough DJI Inspire 2, one of which is to provide a video monitoring display  with 1080p / 720p quality.

If you look at the three advantages contained in this video transmission system , namely the long transmission distance, control settings and frequency stability as desired, and  a good monitor display , it is certainly not surprising that the latest and best drone series for videography is valued so expensive.

This is reasonable, considering the nature of any item that can be customized personally is definitely more expensive, including DJI Inspire 2. Moreover, this latest drone also comes with good quality.

2. Dual Function: Can Be Controlled by Two Pilots and Dual Signal Frequency

This second point, in my opinion, also includes the uniqueness of DJI Inspire 2 as the latest drone which makes it expensive. Besides being newly introduced, the "all-round" feature that makes it easy for users is also an advantage possessed by DJI Inspire 2.

The first is DJI Inspire 2's ability to control flexibility, which can be controlled by two pilots (user, ed.) At the same time. One pilot controls the drone , while the other controls the dreadlocks. If it is associated with the process of making videos that often takes a lot of time, of course this will save time while reducing the burden of videographers. The final appearance of the video becomes even more " wow " as found in the videos of international competition winners.

Secondly, it is still related to videography, the double signal frequency on DJI Inspire 2 which means when the 2.4 GHz liveview frequency is interrupted, we can quickly switch to the 5.8 GHz frequency. All this for better video transmission results.

With these two kinds of dual-functional facilities, it's definitely the price of DJI Inspire 2, the newest and best drone for videography , to be expensive. However, the "all-rounder" is definitely more expensive than any feature that is one-way, like it can only be controlled by one person or can only record with one camera.

3. Long Lasting Double Battery

One more dual system that is owned by DJI Inspire 2. In the previous point, we know that equipment with any feature that has dual functions is definitely more expensive than non-features. This point will discuss the long-lasting dual DJI Inspire 2 batteries can make DJI Inspire 2 expensive.

With a dual battery, DJI Inspire 2 can fly up to 27 minutes when using an X4S camera. When flying this is above its predecessor, the DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 Quadcopter, which is only able to fly up to 15 minutes with the X5 camera. DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 Quadcopter itself costs Rp. 28,000,000.00, where this price is twice as cheap as DJI Inspire 2.

However, all that is worth the results. With the existence of a long-lasting dual battery, users will be more free to carry out videography activities and minimize the possibility of video being chopped.

4. Self - Heating Intelligent Flight Battery

Based on what I observed, this 4th feature is also a new thing in DJI Inspire 2. Although both are intelligent flight batteries , the batteries owned by DJI Inspire 2 are indeed different than the intelligent flight batteries in the same DJI series.

In the previous series, namely DJI Inspire 1, intelligent flight batteries only function as trackers. DJI Inspire 2 has an additional feature of self - heating , where with this self - heating , the drone can operate even in minus temperatures. This additional self - heating feature which previously did not exist makes the best drones for videography more expensive than the previous series.

5. Efficient Workflow

We know that everything that is expensive must be balanced with facilities and capabilities that work well, DJI Inspire 2 is no exception. With a capable videography capability, it is not surprising that the price of this latest drone is expensive.

DJI Inspire 2 has efficiency in terms of video recording. With its ability to support the FAT32 / exFAT format which makes it possible to move files without first having to use software . This will certainly be very supportive, especially for videographers who have a lot of clients and jobs so they have to save video files in various places quickly.

Through my presentation, it can be seen that the main reason DJI Inspire 2 is expensive is the facilities offered, where these facilities have never existed and are an  upgrade from the previous series.

Personal customization of the stability that lies in the video transmission system , "all-round" in terms of drone and gimbal control and the ability to capture video using two cameras at once, and the presence of self - heating that allows drones to operate at minus temperatures are examples of additional features newly introduced at the same time great at DJI Inspire 2. The existence of a dual battery with more durability also makes one of the latest drones expensive.

However, take it easy: All of it is proportional to the quality that you want to get. I myself am of the opinion, DJI Inspire 2 is the best investment for videographers to produce world-class video quality. It is indeed expensive, however, all of that will pay off through the results provided by the best drones for this videography .

If you feel you need the best weapons for your videography projects, then it seems like we agree once again, the answer is: DJI Inspire 2. Want to see Inspire 2 in action? See for yourself when this cool product launch from DJI. DJI Inspire 2 is available at for videographers who can't wait to use all the latest facilities. PS: Don't forget to order ahead of time, because this drone is still new.

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