Quantum Computers, the Future of Powerful Technology

Quantum computers have great power so that technology giants like Google and Microsoft are actively developing them. Even at the end of September, Google claimed to have achieved what is called quantum supremacy.

In essence, quantum computers are able to do calculations or data processing that is extraordinarily fast, which cannot be matched by supercomputers that exist today. Well, Google claims to have realized that achievement.

"Quantum computers only need 3 minutes to calculate compared to 10,000 years with the biggest supercomputer today. So, there is a problem the world needs to solve 10 thousand years while we are under 100 years old, with quantum computers it can be much faster," said Sandoko Kosen, DPhil from Oxford University.

Talk in the Big Questions Forum VI. Innovator 4.0 Indonesia, quantum technology is the next round of the branch of physics. Quantum physics which is part of modern physics observes material to the smallest level, namely atoms.

Its application in the first stage of the revolution has been felt by humanity, from computers and cellphones, medical equipment, to energy-efficient LED lights. Furthermore, implementation is being developed in the field of future computing, safer communication or optimization of various systems such as logistics and finance.

At present, various large countries are competing to develop quantum technology with the support of large funds. Call it the United States with a budget of USD 1.2 billion, China USD 987 million to Britain with a USD 1 billion.

Furthermore, Ferro Ferizka as Worldwide Senior Lead Program at Microsoft stated that large companies including Microsoft have seriously perfected quantum technology.

"Computer architecture now is with transistors, be it desktops, smartphones to smartwatches. But the more transistors get hotter and bigger, the transistors must continue to be reduced," he said on the same occasion.

The problem is that more and more, the transistor cannot be reduced anymore because it has reached its limit. So, quantum technology lined up will be his successor.

Various benefits of quantum computers can actually be applied in Indonesia. For example, disaster simulations, mapping water sources or precision health data. Call it the mapping of health conditions based on DNA, so that it can be estimated the potential for diseases that may afflict lineage.

Innovator 4.0 itself is the brainchild of Budiman Sudjatmiko. This PDIP politician assessed that it was time for the discussion around technology to become mainstream, not just politics or other unimportant discussions.

Innovator 4.0, which was born since last year, is a gathering place for experts in various fields, especially young people, both at home and abroad. Various discussions have taken place including having been held in England.

According to Budiman, his enthusiasm was partly inspired by Budi Utomo who in the past was the originator of the national revival. Indonesia must not lose to countries like India and especially China, which now competes with the United States in the field of technology.

"China and India in revolutions 1 and 2 were only objects of colony, then the third stage of the rise of computers, India was ahead seconds. The fourth stage, China was ahead of the race with America until the trade and technology war," he said.

He also welcomed the statement of President Jokowi who was able to capture these symptoms, among others by saying officials might be replaced with AI or artificial intelligence. In the future, quantum technology might also need to be applied in this country.

"It takes a smart system based on data. With quantum, it only takes a few hours. Imagine trade data, agricultural data, all over the world can be calculated in a matter of hours," he said.

A quick and accurate calculation of large amounts of data has the potential to reduce the confusion of calculations. Furthermore, Innovator 4.0 is ready to assist the government in the field of technology if needed.

For example, they have already thought about how to anticipate if human work is replaced by robots where according to him, precisely what happens is humans work assisted by robots. "Robots will replace hazardous, deadly, or tiring and non-intelligent work," he said.

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