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Samsung Prepare Mobile Phones With Under Screen Cameras

Samsung reportedly is preparing a major innovation for 2020. The breakthrough is the camera embedded in the smartphone screen.

The information was leaked by the South Korean media, The Elec, as well as a leak of gadgets known to be quite accurate, namely the Ice Universe.

However, Ice Universe claims the relevant technology is not for the Galaxy S11 or the new generation of Galaxy Fold. So, the allegations lead to the Galaxy Note 11.

"Samsung will launch a cellphone with a camera under the screen! Not S11, not Fold 2," Ice Universe wrote on Twitter.

Quoted from Forbes, the technology is dubbed as UDC or Under Display Camera. The trick, punch hole camera will be integrated with a transparent screen.

So, there is no need for a notch or a pop up camera to make it full screen. The manufacturing process will reportedly begin Samsung this month and will be mass produced early next year.

In November 2018, Hassan Anjum, as Samsung's Product Marketing Director, said he had developed UDC. Maybe this time, the feature is considered mature.

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