From Difficulty in Speaking Korean to Badly Described

Lisa Blackpink has many reasons why people admire her, Babes! If you want to know, consider first how the career path of this beautiful girl. 

'Hit you with a ddu ddu ddu ~'

Babes, you guys must be familiar with the lyrics of the song above. Yup ! The lyrics are part of one of the hits frompopular girl band from South Korea, Blackpink.

Which member do you like the most, babes? If Shonet really likes Lisa's really cool dancing skills ! Pssst, you know what, babes, is Lisa the only member who isn't Korean? Then, despite being the youngest member, Lisa was given the trust to become the main dancer in her group! So cool!

However, before becoming as successful as now, Lisa needs to go through a lot of things that aren't easy. What are you doing?

1. Start a Career by Frequently Joining Dance Contests

Since childhood, Lisa has shown an interest in the world of dance. To hone his talent, this Thai-blooded girl is also diligent in practicing. Realizing that practicing alone did not have the maximum impact, Lisa joined a dance group called We Zaa Cool with one of the members of GOT7, BamBam. With We Zaa Cool, Lisa has the opportunity to appear on stage for various television events and shows. According to him, appearing on stage with We Zaa Cool can train him to get used to appearing in front of many people.


2. Passed the YG Entertainment audition in Thailand

In 2010, YG Entertainment held a talent search audition in Thailand. Among all the participants who participated, Lisa was the one who got away. His dancing talent which no doubt had succeeded in attracting the attention of the judges. Even though Lisa was 14 years old at the time. Really great!


3. Difficulty in speaking Korean

In 2011, Lisa went to South Korea to undergo a trainee even though she didn't speak Korean at all! "At first I was very frustrated because I could not communicate with anyone. The agency registered me for language classes every day, but it was still not easy for me. I am very fortunate to have friends who help me to practice my language skills, "

The girl who has appeared in this Taeyang video clip also claimed to take 5 years and 6 months to be fluent in Korean. Difficult indeed, however, her dream of being able to debut made Lisa not give up on pursuing her goals.


4. Is considered to have a face that is less beautiful

Lisa can finally debut with Blackpinkin 2016. However, that does not mean that his career was smooth. Being the only member with a Southeast Asian face, Lisa was blasphemed by Korean netizens for not being able to meet South Korean beauty standards. In fact, many say that she is not beautiful enough to be paired with other Blackpink members. Luckily Blink - Blackpink fans, unceasingly encouraged and supported Lisa, "I have no reason to give up because I have fans who always support me."

5. Success with Blackpink

At present, Blackpink has become one of the most popular girl groups in the world. Subscription songs that they released also topped the first charts in various countries. It is undeniable that Lisa's role also has a big influence on Blackpink's success. In addition to being good at dancing, Lisa also has great rap skills so that it can anesthetize the audience to fall in love with her. His good foreign language skills make it easier to communicate with fans. Thanks to her popularity and Blackpink, Lisa was ranked 9th out of 100 most beautiful women in the world in 2018. Really cool!

Babes, there is no easy way to achieve success. Lisa Blackpink also needs to experience a twisting road before it can be as successful now! Therefore, do not ever give up huh!

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