Review Alita Battle Angel In 2020 Do We Need a Sequel

Gunnm or in the west known as Battle Angel Alita is a manga masterpiece by Yukito Kishiro. In his era, Gunnm competed fiercely with other masterpiece manga titled Ghost in the Shell , by Masamune Shirow.

At the beginning of this February, finally Alita: Battle Angel is ready to air in world theaters. Robert Rodriguez's film is believed to be kicked off Hollywood thanks to his vision and visuals.

It all started in Iron City
300 years after "The Fall" Dr. Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) who lives in Iron City is looking for spare parts in a dumpsite in the city of Zalem. In his search, Dr. Ido found a cyborg damaged with a living brain. Feeling it can still be fixed, Ido decided to bring the cyborg home.

Arriving at the practice site, Dr. Ido immediately unites the cyborg with a new body. A few days later, the cyborg rose and greeted Dr. Ido and nurse Gerhad (Idara Victor). It turns out that the cyborg does not have any memories including its own name, therefore Dr. Ido decided to name him Alita (Rosa Salazar).

Alita who had just risen was invited to go round and round by Dr. IDO. On his way, Alita meets with Hugo (Keean Johnson). Since then the two of them often go out together to eat or see the Motorball game, which is the most popular game in Iron City.

One night Alita saw Dr. Ido left the house and returned home in a bleeding condition. Intrigued by these conditions, Alita intended to follow Dr. Ido if he goes out once more. The long-awaited night comes too, Dr. Ido returned out carrying a large suitcase.

It turns out that night Dr. Ido plans to ambush Nysianna (Eiza González), Amok (Casper Van Dien) and Grewishka (Jackie Earle Haley). Unfortunately Alita would have thought that Dr. Ido attacks innocent women. Unfortunately, it was too late. Ido, who was confronted by two enemies at once, told Alita to run away from the siege. Instead of running away, Alita instead fought like a deadly combat cyborg .

Since that night, Alita's life changed dramatically. Turns out he is a cyborg fighter called Berserkers. The Berserkers fought in the style of the Panzer Kunst ( amor art ), which had long since disappeared.

Full of exciting battles
Alita: Battle Angel is filled with insanely beautiful and brutal fighting actions. Since his first battle against Nysianna and Amok, Alita seems to show his true nature as a Berserkers who likes conflict and battle. Even in a bar fight , Alita dares to challenge all the Hunter who fills the bar .

The climax, Alita finally met with Grewishka for the second time and fought it out. Although badly damaged, Alita managed to injure Grewishka which caused her to have to withdraw from the fight.

The fight then continued at Motorball, where Alita tried the Motorball competition entrance exam. Unfortunately the entrance exam turned into a place of massacre, because Vector (Mahershala Ali) intends to destroy Alita. Instead of retreating, instead destroy Alita challengers one by one with a fighting style that stylish ala Panzer Kunst.

The impression is we leaked all the battle scenes in the film Alita: Battle Angel . But actually we are only talking about the contents of the trailer that has been released to the public. So you are calm, there are many other exciting scenes that you can watch in this film.

Plot and Dialog that is Oversized
Although filled with stunning action scenes, Alita: Battle Angel has a number of weaknesses, especially in the plot and dialogue sections. Instead of adapting his manga directly, James Cameron instead has his own vision that feels like a lightweight version of Gunnm .

These changes simply disrupt the series of plots and stories that should have been built when Dr. Ido almost died in the third book. As a result, the film Alita: Battle Angel is focused on the personal relationship between Alita and Hugo. Unfortunately, even though on chemistry paper both of them were built quite well, but in terms of dialogue and plot again the emotional relationship was raw.

For some reason they both often make various cheesy dialogues that make us shake our heads. In addition, Alita and Hugo's relationship is also often plagued by irrational decisions.

Actually we understand very well with Rodriguez's efforts to make our eyes fixed on the relationship of two different beings of this species. But unfortunately the technique used too grasa undue and excessive. As a result, instead of sharing the romance experienced by Alita and Hugo, we were more stunned by the strange dialogues they spoke.

The emotional bridge between the audience and Alita is quite well developed, especially if we look at the digital expression of Rosa Salazar that is made so neat and smooth. We always wanted to look at Alita's eyes, which often enlarged and narrowed in accordance with Rosa Salazar's emotions, or in accordance with the protests of prospective viewers who watched the first trailer of Alita: Battle Angel .

So you could say everything in Alita: Battle Angel is the best, except for the plot and dialogue that is in it. In the end we were able to give three out of five stars for the film Alita: Battle Angel . After all , this film does present a solid action , although you might be dumbfounded yourself when you are in the end.

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