How to overcome baldness in men

There are many ways to overcome baldness in a man"s head. There are some easy things you must do so that the hair on the head does not fall out. Here it is an easy way to overcome baldness in men:

1. Stop smoking
So far, we know that smoking can cause interference in men"s bodies, especially those related to the lungs. In fact, smoking can also cause cancer in the body to grow. Besides this chronic health problem, it turns out that smoking is also known to cause hair problems.

Based on several studies conducted, found the relationship between smoking habits and hair loss. If you start experiencing hair loss and smoking, then as much as possible to stay away from it.

2. Perform a balanced diet
Hair health is also determined by what you eat. Therefore, the way to overcome baldness in men is to go on a balanced diet. Don"t go on a diet haphazardly and trigger hair loss. If you want to maintain maximum hair health it"s good to add foods high in iron, omega-3s, and protein.

Foods that are rich in iron consist of green vegetables, eggs, and several types of meat. Furthermore omega-3 can be obtained from healthy fatty sea fish such as salmon and tuna. Finally, high-protein foods can be obtained from eggs, meat, and various fish from the sea.

3. Perform a health check
Sometimes hair loss that occurs in men is a sign of certain diseases. Diseases that are likely to cause disorders in men consist of diabetes, lupus, scalp disorders, thyroid disorders, malnutrition, syphilis, iron deficiency that triggers anemia, and lichen plamus.

There are many types of diseases that cause hair loss, it never hurts to get checked. Who knows, the disease is a bit chronic, so you need extra treatment. In addition, this can also be a way to overcome baldness in men.

4. Reduce stress levels
If the stress that occurs is left and becomes more severe than before, the possibility of hair loss will be large and quite massive. If you do various ways to overcome baldness in men, but still stressed, then it is likely to fail.

The best way to reduce stress on the body is to do regular exercise, meditation, and solve problems that occur one at a time. You can also listen to music or watch entertaining comedy movies.

5. Massaging the scalp
Perform massage on the scalp slowly so as not to occur a lot of hair loss. From several studies conducted, massaging the scalp will slowly stimulate follicles. The impact, hair will grow healthy and strong. Perform massage after bathing for 24 weeks for 4 minutes per session for satisfying results.

6. Consuming foods rich in biotin
Eating foods that are rich in biotin can be one way to overcome baldness in men. The content of biotin is good for hair roots and prevents interference. Biotin is found in beans, eggs, and shallots.

7. Take care of hair and scalp
Take care of your hair and scalp. Treatment can be done in the salon or done alone. In general, care is taken to overcome all hair problems that arise from branching to change even though it"s not the time.

8. Use a hair mask
Using a hair mask is one way to overcome baldness in men who can be chosen. Use a hair mask to provide root and stem nutrition for the hair. Hair masks are of many types and are available on the market. You can also make it yourself with natural ingredients such as eggs and olive oil.

9. Laser healing
Laser treatment is useful for treating inflammation or inflammation in the follicle. The effect of this method is the growth of healthy signs from follicles that continue to be stimulated.

10. Using special drugs
If you have tried various ways to overcome baldness in men, but nothing works, then you can try to use drugs given by doctors. Some drugs that are often used to overcome the problem of loss include Minoxidil and Finasteride. Only use this medicine according to doctor"s prescription.

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